What is Woza?

For seven years, Woza Soccer offered summer service trips for soccer players, using the game to create connections across cultures. Groups were coed and comprised of players from across the country. The only requirements for joining a Woza group were a love for the game, an open mind, and an adventurous spirit.

In late 2020, the organization decided to close its doors indefinitely but the spirit of the Woza Soccer mission lives on through our partners and beneficiaries.

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The Formula for a Woza Trip: 

Service and soccer with girls in South Africa
American and Peruvian soccer players bonding through soccer. Service Through Soccer
Connecting through soccer. Peruvian market juggling soccer ball with new friends




Whether it was starting a juggling circle, finding a local pick-up game, or playing in organized friendly matches, we played soccer every day on our trips. We carried a ball everywhere and always mixed teams with local players.

We put on soccer clinics for children who lacked access to organized sport and donated gear to the local communities. Our alumni returned home as leaders, inspired to continue helping  our partners abroad and use soccer for social impact.

Using soccer as our translator, we broadened our horizons by trying new foods, attending local events, and visiting iconic sights. Our travel experiences were enhanced by the quality of the relationships built and perspectives gained on and off the field.