Gear Donations  

Here at Woza we pride ourselves on establishing long-term, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with our international partners. We have been working with some partners for over 7 years! Gear donations are one aspect of how we support these partners and help sustain the important work they do, as they use soccer for social impact and community development.
Gear donations are also an integral part of the service component of the Woza Experience. Alumni and current Woza participants spend time throughout the year collecting used gear for us to bring to our partners all over the world during the summer. Below are more details about how to collect and prepare donation gear.


What gear is useful to our partners?

The most useful gear items for our partners are cleats and balls. By far, these are the most practical and “in-demand” items for our partners. Beyond cleats and balls, cones, pinnies, goalie gloves and ball pumps are also appreciated. One-off jerseys and clothing items aren't as much of a priority for our partners, however, full sets of jerseys that can outfit an entire team (11+ of matching shirts) can be helpful in the more rural areas we go. Lastly, shin guards are becoming more popular, but don’t have the same impact as cleats and balls. We will collect shin guards and socks, but please do not prioritize.


My child is going on a trip this summer, how should I send the donated gear with my child?

Most airlines allow two bags to fly free on international flights. When traveling, each player can bring one bag of personal belongings and one bag of donated gear. Pack the gear in a foldable duffle bag that can be donated or placed in your child's personal bag to come home.


What if I collected gear, but I am not traveling with Woza this summer?

No problem. We would love to help you get that gear to our partners. We can try to coordinate a meetup with a participant in your area, or you can drop off or ship the gear to either Montclair, N.J., or Seattle, Wash..Please email to coordinate gear drop off.


How do I most successfully collect gear?

In the past, most players have collected gear by setting up gear collection bins at local fields and soccer shops and promoting it within their club or high school team. We have also had players ask local soccer stores to donate gear or misprinted shirts and jackets. Making a flyer or writing an email that is personal to your experience is very helpful. Most soccer families you know have gear sitting around, it’s just a matter of asking! We are here to help. Feel free to email Don’t forget to thank those who donated!

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Woza offers financially accessible international summer service trips for high school and college soccer players, using the game to create connections across cultures and support Sport for Development and Peace organizations around the world. With soccer, service work, and cultural immersion at the heart of each itinerary, we strive to broaden perspectives of players by demonstrating their abilities to connect with people of all backgrounds and engage long term in soccer-focused social impact. 

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