Committed to Impactful Service   

At Woza, we believe service should not end when you leave your trip. Therefore, on each trip we devised plans to stay connected and continue helping our partners throughout the year. Each itinerary is carefully crafted around community partners who share our mission and commitment to using soccer as a vehicle for social impact. Our partnerships are carefully vetted and result from multi-year relationships with local contacts and soccer experts. Woza staff members invest a significant amount of time during the non-summer months connecting with our partners and seeking to understand their unique needs and approaches to local issues.

Before We Go


We encourage all of our players to do a soccer gear drive before they embark on their trip each summer. We all have old cleats, balls, jerseys and shin guards lying around that would make a kid's dream come true in South Africa, Malawi, Costa Rica or Peru. This is a great way to engage with your local community and get in the right mindset for you Woza trip. It is also an incredibly rewarding experience when we donate all the gear at the end of each trip to our new friends. We donate cleats, jerseys, soccer balls, goalie gloves, cones, ball pumps, and team backpacks. 


During a typical summer we donated:


557 pairs of cleats 

140 soccer balls

196 jerseys

72 Sports Bras

While We Are There

Woza strives to develop meaningful, long-term relationships with our international partners. We search for partners who are using soccer for social impact; partners looking to make a difference in their communities. On most trips we work with one main partner in order to establish a cohesive relationship and build lasting partnerships. In South Africa we work with Mtuba Football Academy; in Costa Rica we work with Puntarenas FC; and in Malawi we work with Chilgoli. In Peru we split our time between a few different partners, taking advantage of traveling to different towns in the Sacred Valley. Across all trips, Woza players spend time coaching kids, playing with peers of the same age, and creating connections across cultures as they play and travel. In exchange, friendships are formed and a deeper understanding of culture is shared. 


Each summer we spent :

2,300 Hours  working with our partners

After a Woza Trip

One of our goals is to create a network of global soccer citizens around world who understand the positive social change soccer can create.  Another goal is to sustain our partners year-round and connect with them beyond the summer. To achieve these goals together, we have designed a curriculum to teach our students about the field of sport for development and peace (SDP) and empower them to take what they have learned on their Woza trip back to their own communities, high schools, and club teams. Each trip culminates with an impact plan designed by the players to help raise money for a specific need of the partner. Woza players are responsible for identifying a key area of need of each of our partners and devising a plan to implement this with the support of their leaders. Once the summer concludes, we elect 12 Woza alumni to join the Student Leadership Board (SLB) to help us continue to implement these plans through out the year, as well as weigh in on other important Woza decisions and initiatives. 

Impact Plans current Alumni are working on:







Mtubatuba, South Africa

Football for Life (FFL)


Girls in rural South Africa don't have many opportunities for education. 

Raise $8000 to send players to US college ID Camps so they can use soccer to further their educaiton


Lilongwe, Malawi

Ascent Academy


George, the founder of Chigoli, often is limited where he can recruit players for the Academy. This year, our players are committed to expanding his reach so players in the more rural areas of Malawi have the same opportunities to attend Ascent.                        


Raise $4500 to put on a soccer tournament in Lilongwe for players from across Malawi.  












Urubamba, Peru

Escuela Chicon


There is no protected outdoor space for the kids to play. 


Raise $2500 to fund a shelter so the kids can play in the rain and hot sun. 

 Punta Arenas, Costa Rica

Punta Arenas FC


Many families do not have the funds to enroll their kids in the soccer club.

Woza players plan to raise money to support the Punta Arenas's scholarship program fso all kids can participate. 






"Playing in pick-up games  taught me that soccer is more than just a game; it is a language, an escape from life's daily challenges, and a path towards success."

-Henry, Hanover, NH

Woza Soccer is a registered  501(c)(3) nonprofit,

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Woza offers financially accessible international summer service trips for high school and college soccer players, using the game to create connections across cultures and support Sport for Development and Peace organizations around the world. With soccer, service work, and cultural immersion at the heart of each itinerary, we strive to broaden perspectives of players by demonstrating their abilities to connect with people of all backgrounds and engage long term in soccer-focused social impact. 

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