Meet our team 

Kate Silverman

 Executive Director

Kate was an avid soccer player while growing up in Montclair, New Jersey. She played defense for the local travel, high school and club teams and also ran track for her high school. Upon graduating in 2005, she went on to attend Amherst College. There she ran and captained both Indoor and Outdoor Track and played club soccer, while majoring in Psychology and Sociology. She led trips for high school students through Overland Summer Camps in 2008 and 2009 and then joined the full-time Overland team for the five years following graduation - most recently serving as Director of Enrollment and Operations. During her time there, she coached community youth soccer and track teams, and regularly played in the town's vibrant pick-up soccer scene. 


Before joining Woza full-time in 2015, Kate spent a year working and volunteering abroad in New Zealand, Australia, Africa and South America. Now based in Seattle, Wash., Woza perfectly combines her experience in the student travel industry with her passions of traveling, working with youth, and, of course, playing soccer.

Chris Kaimmer


Born in Seattle, Wash., Chris graduated from Yale University in 2009. After college, Chris lived in South Africa working for Grassroot Soccer, an NGO fighting HIV/AIDS using the power of soccer. Chris served as a field organizer, operating soccer-based health initiatives in rural villages of a region called Zululand. He returned to the US and served three years on the faculty of the Noble and Greenough School outside of Boston, Mass., teaching African, Asian, and Middle Eastern history and coaching soccer.


Chris has always been an explorer and a trip leader at heart. He has over 12 years of trip leadership experience all over the world and is a lifelong soccer player and experienced coach. 

Woza Soccer is a registered  501(c)(3) nonprofit,

EIN  46-5028056

Woza offered financially accessible international summer service trips for high school and college soccer players, using the game to create connections across cultures and support Sport for Development and Peace organizations around the world. With soccer, service work, and cultural immersion at the heart of each itinerary, we strove to broaden the perspectives of players by demonstrating their abilities to connect with people of all backgrounds and engage long term in soccer-focused social impact. 

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Though our doors are closed as of fall 2020, our legacy and spirit live on through our alumni, partners and beneficiaries.