Feeding Resilience – a note from Woza Soccer’s Executive Director

Give Now, Emerge Together

Over the past several weeks (admittedly a very rough estimate – time is a funny thing these days), I’ve had a post-it note stuck to my make-shift home desk that reads, “Feed Resilience.” I’ve looked to it for inspiration when thinking about how to prioritize the emotions I feel and actions we want to take. Fear spreads remarkably quickly – sometimes rightfully so – but how do we spread strength? How do we inspire empathy when we’re told to stay apart?

We strongly believe organizations focused on connection and travel will be critical as we look to emerge out of this period of isolation and fear. We’ve already helped expand the perspectives of over 300 youth who understand the value of caring about others and who recognize their actions can impact the world. Our alumni have gone on to study public health and international relations, they’ve coached and mentored in their communities, they’ve raised money for our partners. We hope to continue inspiring youth players and facilitating connection.

In the midst of this pandemic, we recognize there's a desire to do something and help others right now and we hope you’ll channel some of that energy towards our organization.

How do you feed Woza’s resilience?

1) Donate to sustain our operations:

  • In a year when we are 100% reliant on donations, we need your support more than ever. Donate here.

  • We are participating in two upcoming days of giving

  • May 5th, #GivingTuesdayNow is a new global day of giving and unity.

  • If 10 or more donors combine between now and May 10th to raise at least $1000, we’re eligible for a $1000 match!

  • May 5th & 6th, GiveBig Washington

  • We’re also putting together a virtual fundraiser - details to come!

2) Tell others about Woza:

  • We’re hopeful the momentum we had heading into this summer can be maintained, and even amplified. Please spread the word to potential participants and others who may be compelled by our cause.

3) Carry Woza’s mission forward:

  • Even when you’re home in your community, you can embrace the values we prioritize on our trips and hope to imbue in our players. Try to embrace these three examples for the next two weeks:

  • Be present: Try a few hours (or a whole day!) without your phone, have meaningful conversations with those in your household, take time to reflect in a journal, savor your experiences.

  • Put others before yourself: Cook a meal for your household, check in on your teammates, create something for someone else, run errands for someone who can’t, think about this experience from someone else’s perspective.

  • Recognize the power of your passion as a tool: How can you use your passions and skills to improve your community? Provide virtual programming for others, coordinate efforts to get food and supplies to those who need it, virtually bring together groups with shared interests, learn about and support nonprofits who share your passion and goals.

Thank you for fueling, sustaining and strengthening Woza. We will emerge together.