Black Lives Matter.

On the surface, Woza's goal is Soccer, Service, Travel. At our core, that translates to Teamwork, Empathy, and Connection. Underlying our work is a belief that we are raising tomorrow's leaders, and that our trips inspire change and progress.

While our mission is global, we believe that tomorrow's leaders must understand and be a force against the systemic racism in our own country that has led to the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Manuel Ellis, and far, far too many others. We believe that #BlackLivesMatter.

That same systemic racism has many symptoms beyond police violence. We believe in the mission of breaking down barriers, leveling the playing field and using sport as a tool to bring communities together. We believe the most effective way to support causes that achieve that is to support them directly, particularly focusing on causes with Black leadership. For that reason, and with their permission, we encourage you to support Black Women in Sport Foundation and our domestic scholarship partners, Open Goal Project (DC), South Bronx United (NYC) and Elm City Internationals (New Haven).

Additionally, we commit to our own self-reflection as an organization - the racial equity of Woza's leadership is not representative of the country or the soccer community, and we must address this. We will make anti-racism a part of our leadership training. Historically we have focused our inclusion efforts on ensuring the ability to participate in Woza trips across the economic spectrum, but we will increasingly ensure we use our trips, scholarships, and grants to ensure equitable access for all Black people and underrepresented groups that have faced systemic barriers to inclusion.

We invite your input as we continue our education as an organization.

Kate Silverman, Woza's Executive Director

And Woza Soccer's Board of Directors