Program Overview 

"With a perfect mix of soccer, community service, and travel, he made great friends and increased his independence."

- Mark, Woza Parent, West Orange, N.J.

Woza was so much more than a soccer tour.

Players traveled the world with the game they loved in their back pocket. They experienced a new culture, played with inspiring local people, and immersed in the traditions of a new country. The went on the adventure of a lifetime and saw how soccer has a tremendous social impact. Across three continents, four countries, and countless soccer pitches we allowed soccer players to serve, play, and grow through unique travel experiences and powerful service work with local partners. After each Woza trip, players returned home with a new set of leadership skills as well as a deeper connection to the world and the beautiful game.

Watch this video to learn more about our Player Experience


You didn't need to be a star soccer player to thrive on a Woza trip. You just needed to love the game. We played soccer every single day, whether it was a formal friendly match in a stadium, training and coaching at a local academy, finding local pickup games, or simply juggling with our safari guides. We carried a ball everywhere with us and incorporated soccer into our daily traditions. One tradition popular among our alumni is the 'chip challenge' - everyday one person was assigned the role of running the days 'chip challenge' where they designed or chose an obstacle course for the ball to be passed through/on/in.



Our groups traveled to some of the most beautiful and interesting places on earth.  We took every opportunity to engage deeply with our host country by eating local food, visiting historical sites, going on safari and exploring markets, museums and mountains. The goal of every trip was to immerse our participants in a destination's soccer culture - for example, by attending professional matches or learning to make handmade "ragball" soccer balls from local materials. Because we used the game as a means for cultural exchange, Woza players experienced soccer’s unique ability to break down racial, cultural and social barriers, creating incredible, welcoming, and heartfelt experiences wherever we were.


We built soccer-focused service and leadership opportunities into every day of our itineraries, from coaching youth players to rehabilitating local soccer fields. After each summer, our players stayed engaged by implementing  partner-focused impact plans developed on their Woza trips. Furthermore, our national Student Leadership Board provided the most inspired and dedicated alumni with the opportunity for longer-term leadership and involvement within the Woza Soccer organization. Click here to learn more about our impact and here to learn more about our partners.