Why Join a Woza Trip?  

An equation that works:

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Small Groups

We intentionally craft small and inclusive groups on all of our programs. We typically have about a dozen students led by two leaders (and we never go higher than a 7:1 ratio). Our groups are big enough for everyone to find their place, and small enough for each player to have an important role. Our leaders are trained to set a tone of inclusion from day one, with the hope that each group quickly feels like its own Woza team.

Influential Leaders

Passionate about soccer, travel, and adventure, our leaders are enthusiastic about helping teenagers discover the unique connection and impact soccer has worldwide. Woza leaders are experienced role models, demonstrating exceptional character that resonates with students far beyond the summer. Leaders go through a competitive selection process, arrive with certifications in Wilderness First Aid, and attend an intensive leader training before the summer begins.


Each itinerary is carefully crafted around community partners who share our mission and commitment to using soccer as a vehicle for social impact. At Woza, we believe this relationship and service should not end when you leave your trip. On each trip, participants devise plans to stay connected and continue helping our partners throughout the year. Click here to learn more about Woza's Impact.

We only work with local soccer partners who are working towards social impact and act as true hosts to our groups, involving us in every aspect of their activities and welcoming us into their home communities. These are sport programs, clubs, and academies (like Mtuba Football Academy, run by Sheldon Hughes, pictured above) with whom we’ve built relationships well before any Woza group arrives. Our goal is working with long-term partners to whom we'll return year after year. Click here to learn more about Woza's Partners. 


Lasting Impact

The above equation, combined with our focus on soccer, service, and travel, results in the Woza Experience - something over 300 alumni have now experienced. We've also developed important traditions which are maintained across all of our trips, including annual Woza soccer jerseys (given to each Woza player), the "Chip Challenge" daily-trick shot competition, and "Locker Room" team meetings every evening. In addition, we always mix teams with local teammates and set a friendly tone for all matches. 

"Daniel gained independence and maturity on his trip. He also made lots of new friends and loved working with the local kids."

- Astrid, Woza Parent, Dallas, Tx.

Woza Soccer is a registered  501(c)(3) nonprofit,

EIN  46-5028056

Woza offers financially accessible international summer service trips for high school and college soccer players, using the game to create connections across cultures and support Sport for Development and Peace organizations around the world. With soccer, service work, and cultural immersion at the heart of each itinerary, we strive to broaden perspectives of players by demonstrating their abilities to connect with people of all backgrounds and engage long term in soccer-focused social impact. 

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